Jesus and Red Lingerie
 by Lori-Ann Grim
I woke with Jesus
yes that Jesus
sitting on my bed, reading this
months’ issue of Cosmo.
At first I didn’t know what
to do; I was in a red teddy, lacy
and tasteful yes, but this was
I quickly pulled the sheets up to
my neck
and cleared my
throat. Was he aware I was awake?
Stupid question I suddenly
thought; he knows everything.
Even covered I felt so very
He spoke.
No, his lips did not move as he
turned to face me but
I heard him. Yes, I rubbed my eyes,
making sure they were
and not seeing
what I was hearing.
The magazine is a joke
he told me. None of those tips
for a better sex life
work. It’s devotion really
and I don’t see them talking about
anything but orgasms.
I stared, mouth open.
Did he just say
I wondered why he was here.
Was it my time to go?
No, he told me thought neither
had I spoken. I’m just
visiting. Making the rounds. It’s
what a good son does
for his Father.
 I mean what else could I say.
Obviously He was here
for a reason
but I only had my red nightie
on so I kind of
wished He’d go away.
I can’t go away he told me.
It’s not time. There is work to be
done. Do you want to
get dressed.
My cheeks flushed. I looked away
from his piercing blue eyes.
I didn’t want to.
I didn’t want this.
No one wants this I heard him
say. No one expects it.
I have to listen to my
dad. You can’t get there
from here.
minutes hours days
I do not know
I awoke on the floor wrapped
in the softest white
against my bare skin.
I never did find my
red teddy.
The Last Faerie
 by John Irvine
greasy fingers of candlelight
dribble deliquescent fat
onto naked branches
of moribund trees
and a pustulous sun
irradiates the sluggish trickle
of a river
with a sickly rainbow sheen
she lies curled
inside a desiccated leaf
rotating slowly
in a minimal current
iridescent wings
into prismatic dust
her music silent
as the last child