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04-Feb-22 Canada

I love what you do and just want to stop to say keep it up!

05-Nov-20 Jennifer Snadden Nelson, NZ

Hello John, Jim and I wondered how you were these days and checked your website to find you were still pressing on, in 2019!!! We hope your health challenges are not too awful, as you've had a lot to deal with. Of course, we are all in the danger zone of 80+ years but we keep merry hearts. Would love to hear from you and send our regards to you, Maureen and your doggies who we hope are still with you?? xx Jenny Snadden (and Jim Greeks)

14-Sep-19 ROLAND RUIZ United States-Texas

Mr. Kiwi, you sure have a large and extension site, you are indeed a writer and poet very talented and for damn sure knows how to use that ideal Waterman................Roland............aks........puddles1947.........

08-Sep-19 Don Lindale Hamilton, New Zealan

Hi Mate, did not realize just how many books and publications you have been published in. Well done, congratulations. Nice website too Keep well, regards to your lovely wife Maureen.

14-Feb-18 dave across the trench

G'day Johnno, Will send you email separately. Few piccys of life here.

17-Nov-17 Marnie Cate Phoenix USA

Great site! I can't wait to learn to read your books.

30-Sep-17 John Irvine Colville NZ

Thanks, CHris!!!! I am very much obliged.

30-Sep-17 Chris Gaelic Auckland

Gidday John, welcome to your updated website!

16-Mar-16 John W Irvine NZ

Hey, Carole!! Yes I have a FB page under John Irvine. Tried to find yours but no success.

Cheers, JohnXX

16-Mar-16 Carole nelson phillips Australia

Hey john long time no contact, hope you are well, do you have a Facebook page? ??

25-Jan-16 Shane Rushbrook Gold Coast Australia

Hi John, great site. shane@rushbrookdotbiz

19-Dec-13 Tony Marshall Brisbane

John, I've been trying to contact you too, and having emails bounce back as undeliverable. You ok?

18-Dec-13 Ken Head U.K.

Hi John

I've been trying to send you Xmas greetings, but keep having both the addresses I have for you returned as undeliverable. Have you moved? Any chance of a heads-up if you have?

All the best


05-Oct-13 Hind New Zealand

Ah ha! Now I understand all the word game invitations :) Nice site.

07-May-13 Bronwyn Jefferies WA

Ok :) will find you on fb

02-May-13 John Irvine Colville, NZ

Hey, Bronwyn.... I have no idea how Leon got here. Never heard of him or his supposed daughter. If you wish to chat more about it you can find me on Facebook as John Irvine in NZ. There we can use PMs privately. This is a weird thing for sure!!

02-May-13 Bronwyn Wa

Just re read a msg...why on earth would Leon post the comment in 2007 about looking for her if he doesn't know you?? Or you him. This man gets stranger the more I learn

02-May-13 Bronwyn jefferies Wa

Hi there, had forgotten bout this but goggled my name haha and this came up....bronwyn jones is not me...but is talking about the same people...I think is Leon.....and he put a post on this site in 2007, I came upon it when investigating things!! He is my ex as you know!!!! How did HE find this sight and link? do u know Louisa? He always claimed she was a daughter he never knew.

13-Aug-12 Nephew-but-im-not Mackay

Hey Uncle :) almost done with the first bit of writing, taking me a bit longer coz the dribble on the paper makes it hard to write. Will go back to work now and email it from home. Stay groovy - Matty

20-Jul-12 Deccy Yorkshire

Mum & I really enjoyed looking around your site. I am very keen on recipes containing animal blood...hehe!

05-Jun-12 John Irvine NZ

To the two Bronwyns... I have never heard of this man or his supposed daughter. How did you come to contact me? Where did you get this address form and why?

04-Jun-12 Bronwyn jefferies wa

to bronwyn jones and john irvine.....my name is bronwyn jefferies i unfortunately went out with leon krauth for 6 yrs and yes he is looking for his apparent daughter Louisa Harrod....is it all true? is she his daughter?

15-Mar-12 John Irvine Colville, NZ

@Bronwyn Jones: No, I have never heard of the names before. Sorry.

07-Mar-12 bronwyn jones western australia

has any contact ever been made by louisa harrod of orewa with her dad leon krauth? need to know

07-Jun-11 John Irvine

Hey, Carole! What a lovely surprise! So good to hear from you. My wife and I are headed your way in a few weeks. We're flying into Cairns on July 5th and heading for Karumba. Prawns and barramundi.... we will be around Cairns/Kuranda around the end of July, however. Email me if you wish to catch up.

Cheers, John

07-Jun-11 hello john kuranda

gosh it's been a while - but i see you have been very busy - puts me to shame ;P hope you are well regards carole nelson phillips

01-Jan-11 John Irvine Colville

Your Grace... thank you for gracing my humble pages with your elegant and sophisticated presence. I am astounded that stamps in Colville were dearer than in Coromandel as we buy them from there. Curiouser and curiouser... and I am grateful that you have allowed me to donate some of my own cash to a charity... do I count as a charity, I wonder? I am a struggling author, after all. You know, freezing garrets and lukewarm gruel... I thoroughly enjoyed my royal encounter, it being my first experience with royal

31-Dec-10 Duchess of Edinburgh HRH Auckland

Dear John, Lovely to meet you and thanks so much for your courtesy (curtsey?) and sense of fun. FYI stamps to Europe cheaper in Coromandel! Goodness gracious. You can put $7 to charity of your choice if thats an option. All the very best. Happy New Year. HRH

30-Oct-09 John Irvine NZ

Bloody hell! Is that REALLY you, Slipton?

26-Oct-09 dennis innisfail

will be in japan to 04/11 will ring when home

24-Oct-09 I FORGOT innisfail


24-Oct-09 me INNISFAIL


23-Oct-09 Wilma White Dragon's Nest,Kaiaua

Thanks so much for the Haiku for a Dragon, made me smile,an activity we all should indulge in more often.

27-Sep-09 Ken Head U.K.

Hi John

Hope all's well down there. I've just been browsing, as you do ... Isn't the music wonderful? Thinks: Maybe I'll watch the film again tonight. Cheers!

27-Aug-09 Janet Anderson Welly

Love it. Including the music, which is sending me to sleep. zzzzzz :)

15-Aug-09 eve hall/poet usa

your site looks great! good hearing from ya, mate!

14-Aug-09 Cathy Edmunds Bishop Auckland, UK

Site's looking good, John. Great music. Might have to leave it running in the background all morning.

14-Aug-09 Dave Freeman Perth, WA

You've done a first class makeover John and the music is well chosen.

15-Apr-09 Akpolarmom North Pole , Alaska

John, just a quick "hello" from North Pole, Alaska. Nice site, need to come back and read some more.... See you on "the messengers"...lol Akpolarmom The HypSNOWtist

01-Apr-09 Sharon USA

Did I mention that I could stare at that dragon/ice scene for the longest time, allowing my imagination to roam freely? I love it all.

19-Mar-09 Sharon USA

Always a delight to visit your site, John. I really like what you've done with it--and the new poetry is wonderful!

18-Mar-09 Daisy Dantas Brazil

Hello dragon, ur web site it´s cool as you are. And you are like wine, better with time !!! :) Kisses, take care and see you.

17-Mar-09 Tanguera Romania

Nice and inspiring poetry... as always :)

17-Mar-09 The Judge Penrith

I bet you didnt even think i would look Mr Skinns, but i do from time to time,always good work, ican see where i get it from (chuckle),love to everyone.

05-Sep-08 greatkiwipoet Wellington

Always worth a visit. Love the musical motif.

04-Sep-08 Sharon White USA

Hey, John! Great new look. I really like it. Your poetry is amazing and unique as it gets.

03-Sep-08 Marge Simon Florida USA

Hi John, Cool as a dragon site can be! Loved the pic's and I've never read any poems quite like yours! Marge O' Ocala-land

03-Sep-08 TPK Jersey

Yes, elegant new style.

(Nice photo of the poet as a young man, too. For my money, only four generations compare with the Fifties - those of our children and grandchildren, and those who went before us. And those who did CMT.)

03-Sep-08 TPK Jersey

Yes, elegant new style.

(Nice photo of the poet as a young man, too. For my money, only four generations compare with the Fifties - those of our children and grandchildren, and those who went before us. And those who did CMT.)

02-Sep-08 Ken Head England

Hi John

Terrific new look. Retro's the new cutting edge!

19-Jun-08 Keith Wychwood Forest

As you suggested it, I thought I had better pop back and leave my "thumb print". Regards, Keith.

18-May-08 John Irvine

Hey, Grasshopper... god in her sumptuous heaven, you're alive! All the emails I've sent to you at your 5 email addresses (the only ones I know) have bounced on a regular basis. I've despaired of your health.

Will you email me at: cooldragon@slingshot.co.nz please? PLEASE?


15-May-08 Grasshopper Siddiney

as always a sheer pleasure Oh Guru xx

PS- where oh where has the forum goned??

09-Apr-08 greatkiwipoet Wellington

Always entertaining. Great new look, and loved the "Surprise". Cheers.

25-Mar-08 Lori USA

Johnnie, Johnnie, Johnnie..........what is there to be said? Wonderful new look LOVE IT Great poems...."On Stuff", "Unplugged" and the one about "chooks" which I find out are chickens (????) are some of my faves! Bravo!

25-Mar-08 Karin Smith-Simmons Utah, USA

Hi John,

Love the new poems, especially the ones regarding the spiders. What about equal time for the roaches??????


19-Mar-08 Beth Adelaide SA

Hi John...Congratulations on your new poems. A wide variety for sure...some sentimental, others just plain clever. An enjoyable read! Thank you for your creative and fruitful mind! eykeynes@bigponddotcom

18-Mar-08 Big Matty Greymouth

Hello Uncle!!! Love it, reminds me a lot of the floatsom on the shores behind mine eyes! Great to hear from you, you must pop in some time if you down here on the feral coast. :)

15-Feb-08 eve hall/poet usa

Hey John write me & tell MO hi!


05-Feb-08 Heather Horowhenua

Hey Bro, when did you leave Australia. Great website and good to see you may have found your place

10-Jan-08 Smiley Smiley's Sphere

I just realized I never actually left a message here although I visited the site months ago. :P So it's a really cool site and I love your stuff...just...THE MUSIC!!!! so annoying...!! Other than that, it's all good! XD (hahaha!)

22-Aug-07 eve hall usa

John, again congrats on your new poetry book. Please write me at this address now, thanks.

please write me at excite.com

check your girl out. I am a covergirl, LOL!

21-Jul-07 Ken Head England

Hi John! I met this weird rodent, who asked me to pass on a message. He says it's called "Rat-Rhyme" OR "What's a poor rat supposed to do when there's only words to eat?": "Well, well," said Brian, "this site looks fine, I must drop by more often, though if I do, between me and you, I think my brain might soften, 'cos words, you see, don't make much of a tea ... unless they're the only option."

10-Jun-07 Leon krauth perth west australia

looking for help to locate my 12 year old daughter living in orewa under the name louisa harod please help only a father wishing to meet his child contact me at galantatalyahallhead@yahoo.com.au

12-May-07 Janet wellington

Lookin' good. Saw the previous incarnation and liked it, like this one too, softer somehow. Definitely liked the one about your dad, and the flash fiction's fun, especially the sheep one (what will the overseas people think of us!). Might have to get my own site up and running one day, as well as get published, one day....

Keep it going John, it's so good to see people promoting poetry all over the place.

Cheers - Janet

08-May-07 Sharon Tennessee

Hey, John! Love the new look/feel of your site and, of course, LOVE the poetry. Nearly fell outta me seat reading Bachelor Party! You're a bad bad man with a great talent LOL! New pics are very nice touch, too!


07-May-07 Cathy Edmunds Durham, England

Good looking website, John, with plenty of great writing (naturally). Cheers, Cathy.

20-Mar-07 John Irvine Colville

Thanks, Chris!

19-Mar-07 Chris Gaelic Auckland

This is the latest addition to beat the spammers!

21-Jan-07 John Colville

Thanks, Chris... I might even make pumpkin scones as a way of gratitude!

Cheers, John

20-Jan-07 Chris Gaelic Auckland

Gidday John, Just testing a "kill the spammers" filter Chris

11-Jan-07 Karin Smith-Simmons Escalante, UT

Hi John, I love the photo of you. Hope all is well with you and Mo. The web site is terrific. I am sitting here rocking out to the Good, the Bad and The Ugly. Must have too much time on my hands.

10-Jan-07 Tracie Kapiti Coast

Is that true about the "freeze technique" of removing body hair? And I thought just ripping them out by their roots was masochistic enough...came across your work by chance in Noneuclidean Cafe. It's good to come across other New Zealand writers making it into international publications, although I sometimes suspect it's easier than getting published in New Zealand. My email address - traciemcbride@hotmail/com.

29-Nov-06 Alexis Child Toronto, Canada

John, you are a wicked writer! Your words really struck a chord in my heart.:)

31-Oct-06 James Swingle NY / Canada

Very cool site, John. I like the changes. And the issue of Noneuclidean Cafe with your poetry is now live, so stop on by! Jim :-)

31-Oct-06 Daisy Curitiba - Brazil

My dear friend John ... you web site is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing !!! And your work is better more and more. What can I say? Never stop please. Never give up !!!!!!!! :) Your work is wonderful, congratulations for you. Your brazilian friend, Daisy :P

29-Oct-06 El Oso Jefe Washington, USA

John, I don't remember what your site looked like when I first saw it some years ago, but it sure looks good now. I applaud your successes. Thanks for keeping me in the loop. Pete.

29-Oct-06 Quasimodo Davies Boyo Orewa

Mein Gott, dearest Melvin. What a portrait! Well done, old chap. And to think that you were once a member of the collar, tie and short-cropped hair brigade, living in Pompallier Terrace (now there's a name you can play with).

26-Oct-06 Laurice Gilbert Wellington

Visited once, came back for more. Love "Conversation With My Father". I've lost the music - is it still there? My computer has a life of its own, that doesn't always include me in its decisions. Whiter Shade of Pale is one of my all-time favourites, and goes well with the site.

26-Oct-06 Eunice Perkins Tokoroa

Your site is great, John. I like the cowboy feel of it. I found "Conversation With My Father" particularly moving. The finale really hit home.

26-Oct-06 Kevin USA

Like the new changes to your site, John. The writings are great as usual as well. Defintely captures who you are.

26-Oct-06 Mike Coro

Cool dude.

25-Oct-06 Kristine Ong Muslim Philippines

John, the photo freaked me out, but it's a nice touch! Crazy, crazy, crazy site! Loved it, especially the poetry.

25-Oct-06 Christa London England

The music is driving me nuts...didn't see anywhere to switch it off but then have to confess I didn't really look , preferring to moan instead... Love the slinky pickled worm and you know I'm a fan (of your writing - although I have to say your cooking ain't too shabby either lol!) Now the music is really geytting to me so I'm off....keep up the good work...and the bad...and the ugly ;-)

25-Oct-06 Sally Marlborough

Interesting new photo. I can't get into some poetry which is frustrating as I always enjoy reading your work. Sally.

25-Oct-06 Aimee Auckland

Yes, it is really different! Ugly is good. Hope the work is going well.

25-Oct-06 Retsej over here

Like the new look, John.

24-Oct-06 The Petone Kid

Cool, dude (I like the hat). Seriously, I like the new layout too.

Ride tall, SCM.

24-Oct-06 Shane Yatala Qld

Well Well Well - The site has me turning a Whiter Shade of Pale - or is that green. Well done. I feel not enough barbs are comming from the readers side. There seems to be only praise. So you only half shave now, and I like the way the camera adds an extra few pounds.Shame the poems are good as I can't add to the insults. Grace promises that I will keep in touch.

24-Oct-06 Your Daughter south of insanity

haha! I love the new look, Pa! :) I'll have to tell Vlad to come and take a peek.

Love Always,

Brighteyes xoxooxxoxxoo

23-Oct-06 Mo Irvine Colville New Zealand

The new layout's looking good so far. I'll check the rest with my fine-toothed comb tomorrow!

I like the way the work is segregated. Should be nteresting...

Mo xxx

16-Oct-06 Marge Iowa, USA

Hi, John! I wanted to wish you good luck on "Illuminations"! I am impoverished right now, but would like to buy a copy when I win the lottery or a rich relative dies... Hope all is well in NZ. Winter appears to be rearing its ugly head here in the American heartland. Brrrr! Peace and love, Me

14-Oct-06 Les Ferenczi Adelaide

Well finally made it old chum & I'm impressed' loved the music as well, your a clever old bastard and I'm proud to call you my friend, keep up the good work

12-Oct-06 Eunice Perkins Tokoroa

Congratulations. You are doing well. Loved your poem about your old dog. Love the music too,....Whiter Shade of Pale. Aiways loved it.

27-Sep-06 Gemma Millar Auckland NZ

Hi John, Great site! - I found it by accident and I'm glad I did. I'm a young writer (21) - I tried submitting a few pieces around the place - I managed to get a poem on an auckland poetry site. I like you're stuff, I hope the Coromandel is treating you well - I know the area well! My email is: gdotmillar(a)wooshdotcodotnz Let me know if you are keen to read a couple of pieces! And keep up with the smooth writing. Cheers. Gem

22-Sep-06 John Irvine Colville

Hello, Myriam.... I'd love to hear from you. I tried your email address but my email was returned undelivered. Apparently they cannot find such an address.

Try typing this into your address bar:


Cheers, John

18-Sep-06 myriam Köldorff Rosario - ARgentina

Hi there,

I have tried to contact you via your e mail, but failed misserably.

I am someone who writes, mostly in Spanish, but would love to share what I do in Englishwhen this comes.

Your site seems different from the ones I have visited, my e mail address is hosh72002@yahoo dot com

I hope I hear from you

Bye for now

07-Sep-06 cassandra sydney, australia

hi grandad hope you are well.

i like what you have done with your site

any way just wanted to say hi

cya cass

07-Sep-06 Jeremy Seffens Delaware, Ohio US

Awesome site! I love your poetry too. Best of wishes and, of course, KEEP WRITING!

11-Jul-06 Margot Miller MD/USA and BC/CA

Wonderufl site... and a lovely place to spend time.

16-Jun-06 Albert Dixon

08-Jun-06 Robert Austin Meacham Kerrville Texas

Great site and your poetry is wonderful. Feel free to stop by my site and sign my guest book. I would be honored.

best regards Robert, poet and novelist

01-Jun-06 David Beeston (Taxipoet) Teesside England

Nice place to come when looking for ideas. Thank you Taxipoet

16-May-06 Grant Mapua

John your new site looks great, very professional I like it very much.

14-May-06 The Petone Kid Jersey

Yes, the Old Akubra and Cool Dude. I like the new layout too, John.

09-May-06 Mike coro

Hi Bastard !! Love that shot of you....

29-Apr-06 Mo Irvine Colville New Zealand

The new site looks fabulous! Can't wait to get going on revamping mine now! Mo xxx

27-Apr-06 Karen aka thesnoopyone Canada

Hi ICcy I like the website checked it out some see u in write combinations. Thanks for turning me on to writing poetry.

25-Apr-06 Pip Sydney

How's things John? I particularly like 'Old Akoubra' (for obvious reasons) and 'Cool Dude'. An excellent site. All the best to you and Mo.

23-Apr-06 RedWolf Mage--sharon Erwin, Tennessee, US

Hello, John. I was on over at CWW, suddenly I was overcome with curiosity and just had to pop onto your site. Terrific poetry! I loved the story, too. See you back at CWW soon. Sharon

18-Apr-06 Akpolarmom North Pole, Alaska

Ok John, Happy to visit you on your updated site. How come you never shared that site before ??? Got some interesting stuff here. Greetings from your "Farthest North Fan" You know my email if you want to chat. Have you and the wife desided if Alaska is right for you and the family yet, hehe, I guess you should be cooling down, down underby now... so it is not a pressing issue.

See You around! Akp

18-Apr-06 The Judge Penrith

Nice choice of music Dr Skinns,A man after my own heart in that regard,your Grandaughter has shown all her friends your book,Well worn it is. Love Sonny Jim

16-Apr-06 Louise Bohmer New Brunswick

Love the new look, Pa! It is calming and in good taste, just like you. :)


Brighteyes xxxxoooo

14-Apr-06 Chris B Pukekawa

I enjoyed my time in your company. We are dog people,'Cool Dude" and "My Old Dog" say it all.

13-Apr-06 Sally Mackay Marlborough

Have just spent an enjoyable hour reading your poems and story. What a talented wordsmith you are!!!!! Sally XXOO

12-Apr-06 Nicole Australia

Hi John, I finally made it to your site and have had a good poke around. Love your work, of course. When I get my visa card (debit, not credit, like the sensible girl I am) soon I will also be able to purchase a copy of your book too(one of the main reasons I wanted a visa in the first place). Yay! See you in the dragon's den.

22-Mar-06 Liam Davies Wales

Me again... just checking in and enjoying the poems mate!

06-Mar-06 Darren Franz Queens, NY

Awesome poems, CD! You rock, my man! See you at CWW...

01-Mar-06 Lynette Wagland Auckland

Just revisted your website most enjoyable

01-Mar-06 Lynette Wagland

24-Feb-06 cassandra irvine sydney

Hi grandad just thought i would say hi im showing my friends your website they like it i sowed a photo of you to they think your mad writting your own book.

got to go write to you soon cya

05-Jan-06 iago New York, NY

Great site, CD. Have a very Happy New Year. Jim

04-Jan-06 SpaghettiLab Coventry, UK

Happy new year, dear.

Just had the delight of reading Rubbishtin Ruby in the Wicked Karnival calendar - suitably sick, I doth think.

02-Jan-06 Gary Lovell Vancouver, B.C.

John, A delight to catch up with your work. Looking forward to enjoying some "down to earth" Kiwi fare. I have been far too long without it. Envious of your "locks", they are in short supply here. All the best Gary.

23-Nov-05 Stephnie (BabyGirl) Kansas USA

Hey CD :) Just happened to come across this site, and wow what a great site it is. Read some more of your work that I have not got to read in the castle, and they are just great. Just wanted to say "Hi" and great job on the site, and your poetry... -Baby

16-Nov-05 Daisy Dantas Brazil

What can I say? Reading your poems is like reading our own lives. Thanks a lot to getting our days better with your sensitive soul and visual poetry. You´re a very special artist and I´m already your fan!

15-Nov-05 Chris Bartholomew Jasper, Georgia

Wonderful site and writing. Really enjoyed my visit. Congrats. on the book deal, that is great!

03-Nov-05 Marge Marshalltown, IA USA

Greetings, John! Had to stop by and read your words again; you have such a delightfully wicked grasp of the dark and ironic. If E. A. Poe had inner child, I suspect it would have been John Irvine...

I respect that in a man.

Darkly,ironically and peacefully yours,


12-Oct-05 Lori usa

MARY M bestest thing i've read in years

YEARS i tell you

PURE talent committment and bravery!

08-Oct-05 Debbie Kuhn Louisville, KY USA

Hi John. Been seeing you around the Wicked Carnival forum and thought I'd pop on over. Cool Dragon = Cool Poetry = Cool site.

Write on.

05-Oct-05 Douglas E Wright Victoria BC

Hi CD,

Just a note to say this site is remarkable. And I look forward to "Trick or Treat" in Wicked Karnival's Halloween Special Edition.

Yours sincerely


30-Sep-05 mike coro

no message from Ted yet? Must be coming by ru-ru post. Site's great mate.

26-Sep-05 Louise Bohmer New Brunswick

Hello CD,

I returned to your humble cyber-home to simply sign the guestbook, but I couldn't pass up just a couple more poems. :)

Cool Dude: Ah yes, an animal really is the only being that can give such unconditional love, isn't it? I lost my own little buddy recently. A fat rat that went by the name of Nicodemus. That kind of bond truly is a gift. You have my sympathies, CD.

Evil is just, well, evil: I agree, we are wicked by nature. So why fight it, eh? lol ;)

Great site, CD. I've bookmarked ya, and will be back for more!

Take care,


22-Sep-05 Alan (alaneye) UK

Hi CD, love the music, just right for reading poetry. Nice work. Alan

18-Sep-05 Marge R. Marshalltown, Iowa,

Greetings, John. You asked me to sign your guest book upon my visit to your site. I have done so. It has been a pleasure reading your words; I hope you will be adding more new material, both poetry and prose, in the near future. I shall return soon. I am so pleased to have come to know your work and Maureen's. Please, sir, I want some more... Marge

19-Aug-05 Eunice Perkins Tokoroa

John, I have just been reading "Cool Dude" and it has left me with tears running down my face. It is such a sad thing to lose a beloved animal friend and you obviously loved this one. Congatulations on your book.

07-Aug-05 Mo Irvine New Zealand

Haven't been in here for a while, lover... Just wanted to tell you this is looking good. And I KNOW the radio interviews this week for the book are going to go just great!!! All my love, as always...Mo XXXXX

26-Jul-05 Megan (emmelby) Christchurch NZ

Tena koe e hoa, Just popped in for a looksee, loving the new layout. As I have already noted elsewhere, I really do like "Unrequited in the Flax", I think it's beautiful, and I'm hoping you will add the other two thrush poems to the site. Those three are wonderful. Arohanui Megs

21-Jul-05 John Irvine NZ

......... and those were definitely NOT "War" wishes, folks, but warm ones!

21-Jul-05 John Irvine New Zealand

I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to open my visitor's book and leave a message. This kind of feedback and support is priceless.

I'm sorry that I can't email my thanks personally via the visitor's boo, but we have had to remove the email address facility from here due to the vomitus who crawl the site harvesting email addresses. Sorry, folks.

War wishes to you all.

21-Jul-05 Tom Moran Connecticut, USA

Wonderful site, John! The music is very relaxing--I might have to leave this on as I write. I'm just popping in to to say hi and to poke around. Glad to have you at the Karnival, my friend!


20-Jul-05 Maureen Wainuiomata

Congratulations John. You've done yourself proud. Keep up the good work. Luv supernan.

17-Jul-05 eve hall/author & poetess usa

John, I am sooooooooooooooooooooo proud of ya, mate! Congrats & keep up the good work1 Love ya!:-)

16-Jul-05 Diggzz USA

Great Site Great Poetry Beautiful! Thanks for sharing it!!! Here's to you, fanny packs and sheep!!!

15-Jul-05 Sally London

GREAT! Am looking forward to your book being published too. Congratulations. Love, Sally x

15-Jul-05 Dave Freeman East Perth

A really professional looking website. Dave

15-Jul-05 Lois/Elle Minnesota USA

CD and Maureen: This site is excellent! As will be the book, I have NO doubt. Wintertime in NZ now, so I don't want to write so much praise that CD will need to ask-beg Mo to knit new hats to protect (one of) the places where all that creativity originates, as those older comfy hats from earlier times might seem to have shrunk and no longer fit over that oh-so-proud cranium. Oh dear me, it's much too hot here in mid July on this side of the planet; pretty certain I've fried more brain cells by clickety-clacking these keycaps. My good fortune to have met ya'. Signed - A Norrid Hoyden Nagging Friend a' yours. toodles - ttfn - L_L

02-Jul-05 Ellen Rodgers Wellington

I loved your one about Mr Mo, having known him personally. A lovely mate.

24-Jun-05 bernie bear coro nz

thanks for the dog had one my self maybe we'll look into the eye and see it all

see you at the c'ville cafe

21-Jun-05 gloria jean white upper class ru

love the sounds..gj

14-Jun-05 Liam Davies Pendle, England

Here... further proof that I am bobbing in and out of the site. Just wanted to give a nod to the change of visuals. Like the inky dragon motif my friend.

Excellent poetry as ever. Please keep me updated as to when your book is out. I'll coffer up for it to be sure.

(Although I still can't afford the bleedin' DW 2004 anthology yet! Better get down the pits and claw at the face with me hands for 'Dai the Black'.

13-Jun-05 Christa London, England and

Hey CD...great site...but the music is drowning out my CD. Will be back to see what's new or whassup...whichever is the moe interesting...Fish and chips from the paper, eaten by the beach will stay with me forever ...still hoping to see Gordy get a mention ;-)

11-Jun-05 Lora colville

So glad I decided to call in to your creative universe this evening... inspiring stuff. Hope to catch up in person very soon.. Lora

10-Jun-05 Dinkie Ireland

John with all those great gabby friends that have signed your guest book sure I knew you had to have a bit of Irish in ya..:-) its late I will explore it all t'morrow and sign again I see I'm the 2nd Irish entry hi Bernard... fantastic web page ..............later John I will be back Dinkie

07-Jun-05 Ken Same as before

You see what happens when the technology works? I forget how to spell correctly!

07-Jun-05 Ken England

You're right! Heneforth, I shall trouble you regularly.

23-May-05 Gloria Jean Cambridge.New Zealan

Your definatly getting better with time,,very classy and even(dare I say)at times peaceful. well done John,,well done! I wish you and yours all the best.xx

20-May-05 Chris Auckland

Concrats John on getting published - not an easy task in a world populated by philistines...

19-May-05 Matty-me-again

that should say "somewhere between Nelson, Hokitika and Christchurch" on any given day.

19-May-05 Gypsy Matt somewhere between Ne

Nice Uncle - Nice! I shall link you immediately!

12-May-05 Janey Paraparaumu Beach

Dad.. youve outdone yourself this time.. beautiful graphics, and inspiring poetry.. your new wife equals your talent... love always, your daughter, janey gurl.

05-May-05 Mo Irvine Coromandel New Zeala

This looks fabulous! I love the new look, colour, graphics, music, et al.

Great choice of work, too, with some of my favourites here. Oh, and I think the new Links page is a great improvement! Excellent!


27-Feb-05 Ken England

Hi John,

Thanks again for dropping in and for the kind comments on my poem.

I know what you mean about comprehensibility: it seems to me to be a virtue and not in any way to detract from a poem's depth and universality or from the power of its imagery.

I'm sorry to hear that you've been rejected recently, although I'm not surprised, given how hard it is to persuade anyone even to read a submission, let alone take it further. I've never submitted a poetry manu

26-Feb-05 Ken Stuck in the winter

Hi John, Just catching up on your site and enjoying some more of your poems. I really like the one about the Sixties: they say that if you can remember it you weren't there, but I was and I do. Nice poem! Take care. Ken

20-Feb-05 Rush White

Dear Whoever you are: This is what happened. I was feeling silly so I randomly typed out the following words: "stick it up your grasshopper fella jim" on Google. Your site was the first thing to pop up. Go figure. Anyway, Sorry to bother you with such inane stuff but, hey, it was what was there for me, so to say. Goodbye, Rush White

27-Jan-05 Charlotte Canada

Good writings John. Thanks for pointing me to here. And thanks for sending something spicy to me http://www.mytown.ca/otherweb

09-Jan-05 Georgia K Rose Illinois, USA

Hi Iccy

Love this song! Today is the anniversary of Elvis's birth. My husband gave me a lap top for my birthday, and he and my son put a little movie on it, Gus saying he would let Elvis speak for him, The song? The Wonder of You. Each time I play it I cry.

Back to you - love your site, graphics and all, and I do enjoy your poems on WC.


Georgia 'Becky' Rose

09-Jan-05 Dee High Peak UK

I've gatecrashed, uninvited, sneaked in on another's invitation! But I'm so glad I did Iccy I've been truly moved by your work on this site, particularly the poems for your dad and your 'unc'

07-Jan-05 maggie florida, usa

john...wow...first, my greatest appreciation for this very nice website...thank you for inviting me to look around, i would have missed so much had i not...you know i have bantered back and forth with you in the group for close to a year now and just when i thought i knew you...KABOOM !!!...you hit me with this...an entirely different side and a new perspective on someone whom i had imagined quite the opposite in many ways...i so enjoyed the poem (tribute) to your children...you must be very proud...i look forward to our future interactions and thanks so much for all the help you have been to me along the way...bye for now...maggie

06-Jan-05 Richard Glendinning Palmerston Norh

Happy New Year John. Haven't visited your site in ages not since we met on the nzpa web mailing list.

09-Dec-04 Karen AKA Anastasia Lower Hutt, New Zeal

Kia Ora Mo and John

a big Welcome from one of the Mad House, second time at your site today. Glad to see your doing it your way. Before you were putting snot on your sleeves. MESSAGE: Wisdom comes from above and within, the soul replenish the mind so that the mind can replenish the soul.

Arohanui xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Naku na Karen

09-Dec-04 Debra Sydney, Orstralia

hey there Guru tut tut at my manners, I pop in and read here often but always forget to sign the dang book..sigh. You know I love yer work, love yer site..great work boss !!

oh,and thankyou for popping by my new little place, I appreciated the visit muchly =) huggs from Grasshopper x

07-Dec-04 Aimee Hare Auckland

Hey John, found your website but lost your email address. I recieved your poems but wasn't sure if you wanted me to go ahead with the pictures. Mum & Dad said you have a lot on your plate at the moment. Anyway if you are still keen, let me know and I'll keep doodling in the meantime (although I lack the confidence for it) -cheers, from Aimee.

23-Nov-04 julka nebraska, usa

john, this is a great site, as i said in a post a few years ago. i like your humorous poems a lot...you have a flair for writing humor, i think, and god knows we need humor to stay afloat these days, don't we? keep on keepin' on.... ~~your friend, julka

22-Nov-04 Beth Adelaide, SA

Hello dear John, wonderful to see you have spread your internet wings to the Canadian site. Canada is beautiful as is your writing and your soul. Love Beth ;)

08-Nov-04 david hull uk

Got your Canadian site, thank you, John.


hi john maxine oconnor my sister told me of this web site and the way that you meet at sally's reunion night at the moment temp is hot (42c) and not a cloud in the sky.

29-Oct-04 Ashar Naveed pakisan

hi my name is ashar naveed im 22 years old i live in pakistan .

A Feeling I Can't Explain

It's just a feeling I can't explain, Am I going insane Just to hear you say my name. Am I walking through sunshine and rain. OH! That lovely feeling I can't explain.

OH! That feeling when you look at me. Forever I hope you and I will be. To be with you I'll swim through the sea. Am I walking through sunshine or rain. OH! That wonderful feeling I can"t explain.

OH! That feeling I can't explain. Am I going insane. Just to hear you say my name. I know I'm walking through sunshine not rain.

OH! That lovely, wonderful feeling I can't explain.

Loving you... OH! That's the thang, That's the feeling i couldn't explain

28-Oct-04 Liam Davies United Kinkydom

www.liamowendavies.co.uk a shameless plug, but get 'em out of the way at beginning is what I say...

Just popping in and registering my presence... good stuff as always John... new little story section will be read soon enough... take care.

25-Oct-04 Maxine O'Connor W

I heard of your sight today, at Sally (Agar) Hearne's unveiling, 1 year to the day after her passing. I was at the reunion that night, and your poem captured Sally's last nigh wonderfully. I also ejoyed your Reunion poem.

19-Sep-04 Ian Tawa

Very enjoyable poetry John, - I like it a lot, especially your verse about the rabbits, a 'moment in time' and 'sheepshit and lanolin'. And once again, I'm impressed with your new website; well done and nice to linger over your poetry with relaxing music too. Ian

16-Sep-04 Psimon (Mike) Wellywood NZ

Late to the party again... But I brought a six-pack! OK, so it's only soft drink - but it's the thought that counts, right? Great site, as always, John. And the writing has always been top shelf stuff. Thanks for being here and doing what you do so well. :)

16-Sep-04 Tina Marie Seattle Washington

The site is awesome, The Content of each piece is just as extradordinary. With that typed could I be a bigger fan. The answer is no, your writing always impresses me. I've been told that there are people that come and go at different times in our life some good, some not so good, you i'd have to say are one of the more interesting people that i have met in my short life. Thanks for hippin me to your site I look forward to reading more.

14-Sep-04 Gaz Adelaide

Dear John, You never fail to impress me with your insight. This site rarely fails to move me to tears. I must be getting old and sentimental. Don't ever stop Your Old mate gaz

12-Sep-04 Don (Nightflight) Connecticut, USA

Hi John - I finally made it. I sampled a few today and will be back for more. I do like the new site but now I will be spending the rest of the day thinking I am Frank. I have one little thing. You didn't include my favorite reunion poem. Perhaps it will be in your book when it comes out, and it will. I am off now to see if Maureen has also added new work. I am still suffering from withdrawl from not seeing her work on a regular basis. - Don

08-Sep-04 Liam Pendle Witch Country

I'm back... to full effect... although I can't even hold my self erect. Great site John. I love your poems as you know. Write on.

30-Aug-04 Avrill, Rob & Spencer Seattle, WA

John; Good work - very impressive. Am still looking for that poem you wrote about the dogs in July 2002!!!!???

29-Aug-04 Marie Brain South Australia

I think I have made it here this time, and certainly enjoy your website Keep it up.....Much love Marie xoxoxo (:-)

23-Aug-04 Barbara Bryce Guelph

Very cool site cooldragon, but the music..... Cheers, Barb xo

20-Aug-04 Murray Loewenthal Otorohanga

Sorry John, I didnt visit twice, I just stuffed up on the first one! I cant imagine how you got to be such a good poet and I such a bad one when we were in the third form together a mere 50 years ago! Maybe there is something called "talent" that needs to be there too! Good site John and I like the music. Excellent choice! Best wishes Murray

18-Aug-04 Marlo Schutte Oregon USA

Well, John. It has been a couple years since we spoke over the internet in MSN but we've managed to keep in touch. I liked your first site and this one is even better! Your poems have a familiar sound to them for me and like so many of your 'fan's/friends, I find myself drawn to them as personal tribute to my soul/my life. I thank you for that John. You're very good at what you do sweetie. Keep it up! BTW, I like dragons, faeries, & elves! I have my own graphcis list on AOL and have managed to collect tons of those critters. Take care John... Huggers, Marlo

18-Aug-04 Gerry Evans Wellington

Cool site John...I like your poetry. I know we will hear a lot more about it in the future. Gerry

18-Aug-04 Penn Kemp Canada

"My Way", indeed! Great new look, John, and sweet sounds... Congratulations! Peace, Penn

18-Aug-04 Leanne Campbell Vancouver, Canada

John! The new layout and design looks great! Inviting, warm, and a nice welcome to all of us who wonder in .... All the best to you! Sincerely, Leanne

16-Aug-04 Swapnil Auckland

Hey Dude, Thats a great work mate.....all new look, quite inspirational....keep it up mate, keep it up....by the way these are my fingerprints....keep in touch. Cheers.

16-Aug-04 Mo Coromandel, New Zeal

It's looking really good, darls... I love your new selection of work, especially the stories... Mo XXX

15-Aug-04 Eunice Perkins Morrinsville

Hi John. Thankyou for contacting me to let me know about your updated site. I have enjoyed reading your work as much as I always have. You have made a great job of the update.

15-Aug-04 Matt Nelson, NZ

..he came in and took a seat, he had been here before so it had the familiar feel of an old jersey. The look of course was different but he couldn't put his finger on it. Uncle John came over with the tea and scones and began to natter in the comfy way he does, then a rich aroma poked its head into our hero's nostrils which made his eyes widen - That’s it he said to himself - its all there, the tea, Uncle John, the warm welcome and camaraderie, so, the only thing it could be, the only thing different .....The toe-jam on the scones, a nutty, wholesome '92 vintage. He smiled, he could now relax in the fact all was well in the world and good things may change a little, but never go away altogether.

15-Aug-04 Dee Michigan, US

John, this is magnificent... For once, words do fail me. Thank you for this experience. As so often, you are writing my soul with your poems...and stories.

15-Aug-04 Robert Scott Mississippi, US

Whatever they may say on the date line, it is still the 14th of August here. NZ been using my tomorrow for hours! John, you know w/o my saying how impressed I am with both your poetry, your writing, and most of all the poet and writer! You are one of the mostr brilliant people it has been my good fortune to run across and your work shows it. If you took that picture of rice pud, then son, no wonder the skin got your ankles. I shall teach you to make a rice pudding a la Louisiana, the home of R.P. and grnd long grain rice. Bob or whatever

15-Aug-04 Maureen Wainuiomata

hI bUGLEBOY, Love the poems, especially the one of missing your Dad. It hits acord with me. Keep up the good work Love maureen.

15-Aug-04 Debra Sydney Australia

I have not dropped by for a few months, you have done amazing things with the place John =) As always, your writing made me smile, cry and think ... and I love your use of photos and graphics. Thankyou for the invite to check out the renovations, I loved my tour huggs Deb x

15-Aug-04 ElleElle Minnesota USA

Just happened to be in the neighbourhood; thought I'd stop by to say 'hello there' to CD and his loved/cherished folks and all members here. Listening to 'My Way' in the background; and having memories-memories-memories. Drat! that there's so many geographic miles, as I'd just love to simply 'drop in' to share tea at CD's digs today. Great site - looking better and better by the day. Greetings to all new members, as well as to those the old(er) members, also. CHEERS ... Elle_L.

15-Aug-04 Sam UK

I love the site CD great job.

15-Aug-04 Karen (Lavendar) UK

It looks great, I love the graphic on the left side..and hey your daughter is one of my special online friends....site great, poetry excellent, thanks for inviting me

huggs karen xx

hey and I still have not got that tattoo :0) one day

13-Aug-04 Liam Davies The UK of B

Thanks for inviting me here... Dragon's aint my thing to be honest, but your poems are... I'm sorry, at a glance is the best I can offer right now, but the humour section was great fun. Poem critique I ain't any good at as you can tell. I'll definately come back for another look.

12-Aug-04 EVE HALL/poet USA

Thank 4 inviting 2 your website Keep up the good work! I hope you will order my books and send your work 2 3Cup Morning, a Canadian online zine:)


09-Aug-04 mark london

i just sstubled onto your website by accident but you touched my soul with cool dude thanks

16-Jul-04 Richard Stevenson Lethbridge, AB

Cool, Cooldragon!

I tooled around, checked out some of your poetry, your partner's poetry, some links -- nicely done!

I was surprised to encounter a few friends and acquaintances on your site too -- Penn Kemp ( whom I've met once, but who is a good friend of Robert Sward, my first creative writing instructor, old mentor, and friend. I believe he published one of Penn's early books, when I first ran into her as a contributor to her mag Twelfth Key. She was Penny Chalmers then. Susan McMaster too! I once arranged a reading for her in my back yard and personally invited and assembled the audience to hear her. ( She was on holiday with her hubby one summer. An excellent time!)

Small world eh? Nice to see the long haired old guy too, John. I've got a little snow myself and it's started to slide from the roof, so I've shorn my leonine locks. ;-)

Great graphics toO!

Keep up the excellent work. Really looking forward to being in What If? (Will answer your other e-mail privately. )

Ciao for now. :-)

12-Jul-04 Arianrhod SilverWheel Italy

Grat poetry! Your words are inspiring. Blessings, Arian http://immrama.splinder.it

08-Jul-04 Peter A. Rosado Puerto Rico

First of all :) thanks for signing my guestbook.Man I love dragons I got a collection of 28 dragon figurines.This site is really cool!I like the color of sand one of my favorites :)

~Peter A. Rosado

19-Jun-04 Don USA

Maureen - I spent some time reading some of your work. Take pride in how you touch people. I am not sure if you realize the impact of your writing. John you be good to this lady, she's a keeper. Don

16-Jun-04 Don (Nightflight) Connecticut, USA

John - I was very impressed with your site. Knowing some of your work, I was not expecting to be all teared up after just reading two of your poems. Enough for today. I shall return, prepared, not with my heart exposed. I think you have set it up so that small doses are best. Driving up your hit count?


11-Jun-04 Carol Lindale Hamilton

Have pinched some precious time from the day and read some more of your poems and I want to cry all over again. Deep insight John and I have loved reading them. Will visit this site again soon. I also read some of Maureens too and sent her a message. lots-a-luv, Carol

07-Jun-04 Andrew USA

Like the cool dragon, and I think the music you have is Led Zeppelin's "Stariway to Heaven". That is awesome music...

07-Jun-04 Beth Adelaide

Dear John, Your writings are as beautiful and touching as ever. I was sentimental to see 'Hope' among the poems, as the old site and its contents had not altogether blown away, like dust in the breeze. Here's a toast to the single braid curling down your back, red wine by the water on a fine spring day, tears and happiness.

29-May-04 Me The World

love the dragon on ur site

13-May-04 Irena India-Australia

dear John,

you create beautiful side. I enjoyed it very much and it was pleasure for me visit your webside.Well done again!!

13-May-04 Heather Bond Kitchener

As soon as I read your e-mail indicating you had your own website I was eager to read your poems and imediatly came here. I have read a couple of your poems and they are amazing! It is so odd that you can write different types like about missing you Dad and about the chickens! I myself am much better at writing sorrow filled poems but you can obviously write quite a variety. I have bookmarked this site becuase it is one of my favourite poems sites! Well done!

07-May-04 Irena & Jan Rulkens India& tasmania

Dear John,

we enjoy your web side very much. Thank you.

03-May-04 Thommo Upper Root Hog

As I roared off on my iron steed I thought, much as at the annual leaving of the Bathurst bike races, that I have enjoyed,and would be back in some form to rejoin one,like-minded, and in the duration, occasional thought across the air-waves would serve to keep the memory going and the desire to cross paths alive. dave

23-Apr-04 Mike Daniels High Peak

Its a pleasure visiting with folks like the folks here: a good read and some welcome smiles. Next time I bring a bottle and my slippers


01-Apr-04 Thane Foxton

Just paying a courtesy call, seeing as how you kindly linked my site, and I have yours in return. I know most of your poetry John and Maureen, but on a quiet day one day I'll take time to catch up.

Got a great site here. Wish I could be as creative, but alas, no funds, so take what I can. Love the Stairway to Heaven midi.



31-Mar-04 Kristal Jones Ontario

Hi!I'll be back to sighn again I promise! I am impressed! I have only read two thus far but I have just gotten your link. I see myself in your words and that has never happend before. Take it as a compliment, I would.

22-Mar-04 Jo Stanbridge Kingston

Wonderful site--I laughed at the Dr. Atkins poem and cried at the Cool Dude one. Terrific!

17-Mar-04 Michelle Brantford

Thanks for letting us in to your world, unhinged. Truly intriguing and often surprising. cheers to those who dare to dream

14-Mar-04 Karen Canning England

Your writing is amazing, you have a gift and talent. I am glad to have been honoured to read your words

luv n blessings karen xx

12-Mar-04 Anya L

Hello! I'm back and I took a more detailed look at your website. The love the poetry and the graphics you chose to go with them! Nice work!

02-Mar-04 Carol Lindale Hamilton

This is a great site and John you express your deeper feelings and understandings so very well. I am most impressed! Keep up the good work and I look forward to the June get-together. I hope that your surroundings on the Coromandel continue to allow you to produce your poems freely.

28-Feb-04 David Jersey

Thanks for showing me the way to your website,John. I though Bells for Sally very beautiful.

28-Feb-04 Mo Coromandel

CD, the update looks fabulous and I love your choice of graphics. It's lovely to see three of my favourite poems here - Sheepshit and Lanolin (without doubt one of the best poems you have ever written), Groovin' with Leonard (who could resist?) - the sardonic humour of the piece is fabulous, and Macrocarpa, which is just beautiful. Still your Number One fan..........Mo xxx

19-Feb-04 Maureen Wainuiomata

John poems are wonderful. Especially the one about My Dad, I can relate to that as you know. Keep up the good work.You are truely a sensitive soul.

08-Feb-04 Gerry Evans Wellington NZ

Great site, and good poetry that I enjoyed. Gerry Evans

24-Jan-04 Elusive Butterfly Michigan

John, this takes my breath away. I'll be back again and again. Thank you, my friend, thank you!

24-Jan-04 Avrill, Rob & Spencer Seattle, WA

John; Finally getting a chance to check out your new website and it's great. Keep up the great work.

04-Jan-04 Faiz Panjwani Mount Forest

I have checked out your site and I have read all the messages which I think they are very meaningful to me. John Irvine I hope you can publish my poem in the What if? Magazine. Thanks for the chance.

20-Dec-03 ElleElle MN, USA

Dropped in for a quick visit. Seeing familiar faces/names is SOOOO great for my morale/spirit. I look forward to time/opportunity to read-read-read-read and ENJOY! If BearBones/Bob happens to see this: I'm sending many fond greetings for you and yours for the holiday season. And, for All-days/always! CD has done himself proud here! ElleElle

19-Dec-03 Katie Agar Paraparaumu

Truely beautiful poems. Thank you so much for your kind and lovely word about Sally. Those words were just lovely. From her niece Katie

15-Dec-03 Eunice Perkins Morrinsville

Hi John.I just popped in to read some more of your poems and enjoy them as much as ever.Going over to read some of Maureen's now.

12-Dec-03 Ian Armitage Tawa

A truly inspiring website John - and I enjoy your poetry, it's really very great. I never thought that an old Naenae College friend and near neighbour would be such a skilful and sensitive writer. Well done. Ian

10-Dec-03 Dayd Kentuck

Nice job, Cool-D! And you put on "Stairway" just for me eh? I especially enjoyed the "Abaddon" piece. I'll get that e-mail back to you pronto.

09-Dec-03 Bovinewaste Manager Nelson

So youv'e been to my Dad's site?! Cool err Mr Dragon. Thanks for signing my book and hence me being here..umm there. I will also be back but you shall recieve no warning at all (white with one suger please) and just to learn you I will add you to my links . . . so there! :))

04-Dec-03 Marie Brain South Australia

03-Dec-03 david Oregon, USA

Mr Dragon, Sir. Two thumbs up for "Cool Dude!" A eulogy befitting the best of friends!

30-Nov-03 Bear (Grant) Malthouse

Hi John, I've just had a great moment having a read but after reading 'Cool Dude' I am just off wiping a tear from my eye to have one of those 'moments' and to remember a 'cool dude' of my own Ben. I look forward to returning and reading more.

23-Nov-03 Joan and Milford New Brunswick, Canad

John, Your website was forwarded to us from Sally's family as we are their Canadian cousins. Thank you for helping us to have a glimpse at a Sally we did not know either (but wish we had).

22-Nov-03 Kelly (rumblecatt) Edmonton, Canada

John, I had to come be nosy and see! This is wonderful poetry. I even recognize several of them from elsewhere. I don't know if you've done so before, but I would love to see Carlos posted back at the Castle.

Cheers Kelly

13-Nov-03 Rosalie & Bill Robertson Sydney

Good stuff, John. I wish I was that talented. Keep working on the big things in life, won't you -- we seem to always get caught up in the small crap too much. Bill

12-Nov-03 Elizabeth Peoria, Il

Thank you so much for visiting my site. Have you heard that "Papa" is to be published? He is so thrilled. I am enjoying your site and will be back again to read more. Elizabeth

11-Nov-03 Sam and Serge Vatovey Dubai, United Arab E

"Carrying the pollen of friendship" thats our Sally "fluttering like an impish technicolour butterfly, larger than life". Thank you John.

11-Nov-03 Paula (nubee4) Ionescu-Adams Amagansett, NY

I have not checked out your site yet, but wanted to let you know that I will do that and also check out Mo's site. You know that the two of you are among my most favorite poets so I am thrilled to find out about this site and see what I may have missed.

09-Nov-03 Penny Dawson (van) Waikato

Thank you John for the wonderful poems about 'our Sal'.Friday night was exactly the way you described it, and brought her back to us for a little while. Although it was all so traumatic and sad, I feel privileged to have spent her last hours with her. Thanks again. Penny van

08-Nov-03 Susie Tyer Auckland

Thanks heaps, i feel all connected to our darling sal again. such a huge big heart and spirit will never be forgotten and forever celebrated

05-Nov-03 Hilary Zapata Tauranga

Dear John, I can't tell you how powerfully and beautifully you brought - a picture of Sally captured so clearly with your words. More than a few tears rolled slowly down each cheek. Thank you. I hope to meet you at Kereta. Kind Regards. Hilary

05-Nov-03 Anthony Sydney

Dear John, Thank you for the amazing way in which you captured my Mum's last evening on this earth. You described the essense of 'Sal' incredibly well and our family will forever cherish your words as we remember a remarkable woman. I would love the opportunity to thank you in person one day. Yours Sincerely, Anthony Hearne

05-Nov-03 Carlita Manson California, USA

Lovely lovely poems. Especially the one about my husband's cousin, Sally. I did not know Sally, but you certainly brought her alive for me. As a writer, I can't think what else to say except to fellow writer except keep the beautiful words flowing. Oh yes, my talisman is also the Dragon, the great Dragon of Southeast Asia. Regards, Lita M.

04-Nov-03 Diana Tauranga

Both poems of Sally are beautiful. Counsin Sally bought in Bells for Sally this afternoon and introduced me to this web site. Thank you John.

04-Nov-03 Lin Whakatane

Thankyou John for your amazing portrait of our sister Sally's last night at Naenae College reunion. This is really something special to have in our bank of memories. The Agar family

28-Oct-03 Thane Foxton NZ


Cool webpage, my friend. I haven't had time to swing by all oyur poems but have the site bookmarked for further investigation.

As for the sounds, nothing wrong with the choice at all, but it can make it hard for some to read and listen at the same time, just a thought. I might be wrong.

Anyway, keep the work up.


12-Oct-03 Sally Marlborough

Some beautiful poetry Cool Dragon. Worthy of the best poet in the class. Even Piggy Morris would agree. I particularly liked the poem aboutyour father. Sally x

05-Sep-03 Eunice Perkins Morrinsville,N.Z.

Cooldragon,this is a first rate site.I am enjoying reading your poetry.I just love "Ribbons of Mist".The graphics are great and I will be back to read more.

03-Sep-03 Julie Foster Oregon,USA

This has to be one of the coolest Dragons I've seen... Since I have a teenage daughter that collects & draws them I've seen plenty...I'm also a big fan of "Dragon Riders of Pern" The poetry is cool tooo... I was wandering through my friend Boises "southwestSite' & found this thanks........

25-Aug-03 Colin Devon. England.

Thanks for visiting my humble site -'Haiku Beach' and for your positive comments. I'm glad you enjoyed the journey. Like you, I'm knocking on a bit but,'many a good tune....' Your site is excellent! Wish I had the skill to build such a site! Stairway to Heaven too! Superb. Keep in touch. Colin.

03-Aug-03 ßoß U S A

D'you remember Peter's (grandfather) poem about the street where the winds meet to talk about this and that? Really 1st class, I think. Rejected because: it rhymed, it was old fashioned. I think some nut let an acorn fall and a lot of phonies who wish to be seen as intilectuals have stuffed it up an orifice that will be unnamed, and acted accordingly. Does that answer your question of the AM(to me, PM to you) and------am I forgave? ß0ß

02-Aug-03 Bearß0nes U.S.A.

If you would, suh, tell M. that Bearßones, when he forgets himself, is also ßoß and one of your greatest admirers; now I must add her to my list of those admired. Bearßones treasures knowing y'all which is Southern US for you all or, more properly, all both of you. Bß

27-Jul-03 Samantha England

Nice site you've got set up. The piccy of the dragon is really cool. Sites easy to navagate around and its not got a reall hard to remember and complicated url.

12-Jul-03 Helen Calif.,USA

Hello John and Maureen,

Sorry, don't know how I missed signing your guestbook when I visited this morning! Thanks for alerting me to it. Love your poetry and the lovely setup of your website! Great job!

Best regards, Helen

29-Jun-03 songbird nz

great site, truly wonderful selection cooldragon. Looking forward to reading more.

29-Jun-03 songbird nz

06-Jun-03 Jessica CT ~ USA

Cool site here...your poetry is very visual and was a joy to read.

03-Jun-03 Christa (akaCeejay) London UK

Lovely site CD. Peaceful and well organised. Nice to see you getting your work out there. Will pop back from time to time to check out your updates.

28-May-03 Psimon UH, NZ

CoolDragon, Awesome site! The music is great (who can go past the classics?) :) As for your works... beyond awesome! :D Also, thanks for making me feel welcome at NZPS. 'Nuff said ;), Mike

23-May-03 Bob Scott Raliegh, Ms.USA

I see you do have a real site. I noticed the odd times on your post at the WriteCorner and wondered if you were in a different time zone. Quite different, I see. Did you REALLY know Jack with a fin on his back? I thought my brother was the only one like that. Of course, in the States, a fin can be a fin, or a $5 bill. His was both. Odd chap, my brother. But then, I am not your usual bloke. Senior citizen? Son, I was a member of the BSA when you were born. bob

24-Apr-03 Megan (emmelby) Hamilton, NZ

Hello my friend! Thank you for sharing such a wonderfully funny, philosophical, inspiring and beautiful site. Everything about it is clever, and felt. This is something really exciting that you've created here. Stay cool, and take care. Megs

17-Mar-03 Sarah Brisbane, AUS

Ahh Dear Dad, Your site is beautiful and very calming. You have done a wonderful job on the craftsmanship! And as always, your poetry is magical and touches my heart. I am so proud of your work and await the day you are discovered, as I believe it will come. Keep up the fab work! - nice to see all the "family" have dropped in for a visit! smiles - Princess.x

06-Mar-03 James Lourenco Cambridge, Ontario

I'm on but a short time until I get another computer, but I will definitely be visiting this site a lot. I fell in love when I saw the excellent dragon pic on the first page. Cheers! I'll be back...

06-Mar-03 Eve Davis Otaki

Hi John, Have just visited your website for the first time and will certainly spend a lot more time there. I've only read one poem at the moment and absolutely loved it. The one about the early morning and I absoluitely adore the word 'gallolop. It conjures up amazing pictures for me. And I also loved the last verse. It's a pity more of us don't think like you. There is so much to enjoy and soak in around us and most of us spend all our life so busy making money we never get to enjoy what matters most. We will be up in Waihi again in early April and will definitely get to see you then, and I'll be spending many wonderful hours reading all your poems.

Much love - Eve

02-Mar-03 Michael Spearing State College, Penns

Okay CD,

I dunno why my first comments never passed muster and were not added to this ever-expanding book of accolades, but here, again, are my thoughts. And this time, I'll leave out all the four-letter words and threats. AS I SAID, this site is beautifully crafted and about as user friendly as any site could be. The art work is tastefully rendered, and I especially like the soft earth tones. The music selection fits the mood for your work, and so also well done. Oh yeh, and the poetry ain't so bad, niether. Magnificent job, mate!


01-Mar-03 Binkley Alberta

Beautiful . . . I shall return here often to relax and enjoy . . .

28-Feb-03 Maureen Coromandel Peninsula

Beautiful site...... it was worth all the hard work. Your poetry is inspiring as always, and beautifully presented... Mo x

28-Feb-03 Patricia Kapiti Coast

Dear John, Lovely site, lovely work - what an inspiration, spiritual being that you are!!!!

28-Feb-03 Mike Leslie Guelph Canada

Hey John, I finally made it. I haven't got much to do these days. Great site, great poems. I only have one question...is that you on guitar or on flute?

27-Feb-03 Kathy Austin New York, U.S.A.

The wait was worth it. Simply awesome, John. You are such a talet, in every sense of the word. You chose a song that I dearly love too! Lucky me, huh? I will certainly be back.......time and time again. Affectionately, "Rainbow"

26-Feb-03 Gerry Davis Otaki NZ

Hi John, i must have been pushing the wrong button. This is attempt No.3 Very impressed with your website & will get back to give it a good once over as soon as I have a few less chutney pots & pans on the go! Cheers Gerry

26-Feb-03 Dena Alabama, U.S.A


Impressive site! I love the dragons.

As always your poetry touches that special place inside, the one that cries for more. Your love poetry is haunting and inspiring. I even enjoyed the vampire ones, even if they are a bit scary ;-)

Thanks for dropping me the link.

Keep in touch, you too M. http://www.continue.to/dream

26-Feb-03 Jeffrey S. Davidson Cape Cod


20-Jan-03 Kathy Austin N Y U.S.A.

Yes......it's me again. Time after time I return for your warmth and your comfort. I have never met a man quite like you, C.D. and I trust that I never will again. You are one in a million, my friend. Huggs, Rainbow.

18-Jan-03 Eunice Perkins Morrinsville,N.Z.

I have enjoyed looking at your site and reading your poems.You have a good sense of humour and I absolutely love the dragon painting on your home page.

18-Jan-03 Doug Poole Waitakere City

Cool Dragon, You are very cool. I have enjoyed your poetry emmensly. New Zealand seems to create magnifigant poets, and you are an exceptional Talent. Malo Cool Dragon...Doug

02-Dec-02 Bernard Ireland

enjoyed your site found the chocolate love poems tasty and have helped myself to a copy of the enchanting "Grandfather Sun" as i recently have becone a Granddad and hope to be looked on with the wizened age that the sun encapsulates for us all.

15-Oct-02 The Faery Guardian at BOTA Vancouver, Canada

Dear John, I love your sense of humour and your unique perspective, and I read every one of your poems with delight. My favourite is still the first --my son is a grasshopper catcher. He always lets them go, I'm glad to say. I am flying by from Battle of the Ancients to wish you a brthday filled with joy. I hope you're having a wonderful day!

26-Sep-02 Kashmir The Netherlands

Great site~S~ Love the layout and graphics you have. Am very impressed~S~ I had an enjoyable visit and shall return~S~ http://www.geocities.com/kashmirscreations

15-Sep-02 Fon Thailand

Sawasdee Kha John! Thanks for giving me this site.. very cool! You are a great site builder ^ o ^ Just wanna drop you some lines and to greet you from here. Take good care and keep working on this, I will follow on your site later again! Fon

01-Sep-02 julka nebraska USA

thanks so much for sharing this with all of us. it's a wonderful site! poems i like best: "tadpole," "eros on the internet" and "the ace of life." as for the love poems, they are all meaningful and expressive, i couldn't pick a favorite. my youngest daughter is called beth, by the way (by the family...her name is elizabeth and when she reached her teens decided others should call her that, but she'll always be beth to me). i've only given each poem one reading so far, and i think poems need many readings...they're like faceted gems you turn over and over..each time they catch the light, you see a different color. i'll read yours again, will probably have more comments then. thanks again for directing me to this site! ~~your friend, julka

05-Aug-02 Silver Dragon Malta

Dear CoolDragon, this site is really amazing! I can`t believe what I have been missing by not being aware of it before! Everything is really wonderful; the graphics and music show off the beauty of your poems. You really are a talented poet; you show so much in so few lines! I enjoyed reading these poems very much, and can only express my feelings with one word; "ENCORE"!!!

01-Aug-02 Elena Bucharest, ROMANIA

Everything on this site is impressing, starting from the nice music, special graphics and tasteful design and ending with the very content and meaning of it, the wise, philosophical and sometimes funny poems.

I am looking forward to hear they have been published in print and I for that day I make a wish to get myself one book with the Cool Dragon's signature :)

The Lonely Shell

28-Jul-02 Maureen Some Greek island


I hope you're impressed - I FINALLY got in!!

Fab site.

See you soon!

English x

08-Jul-02 Rainbow USA

Dear Dragon,

     I find myself visiting time and again, each time finding something new and different.  Each poem that I read, comes alive in a new way, with meaning that I had not seen the time before.  This to me, is the mark of a great talent.  Often one reading is quite enough, but yours is the kind that one would never tire of reading.  My wish is to see them in book form one day.  You truely deserve this! Hugs, Rainbow.

02-Jul-02 Rainbowmama U.S.A.

My dearest Dragon,  You are indeed the coolest dragon that I have ever know, either real or imagined.  I can not begin to describe what I feel when I visit these sites of yours.  You have stolen my heart, along with those of many I am sure.  Your words, are so warm, tender, a feast for the Gods to be sure.  Each poem that I read I love, each has it's own unique affect upon my emotions.  So many dreams, and feelings, are caught up in joy and sorrow, pain and pleasure. A wonderful taste upon the pallet indeed.

Your writings are the warmth of the sun upon my face, a quilt that surrounds me on a cold and dreary night.  I pray that I will live to see the day of their publishment, may I join you in that celebration when it happens? It would be a great honor for me.  Calling you "friend" is indeed a great honor.  Never, never stop writing, dear dragon.  The world needs you.  Love and hugs, Rainbow.

22-Jun-02 LiliJo: Bluecho Mo


Sorry about the link I posted earlier. I just went to check the site and found it deleted.

Seems I lost my renewal notice when my comp crashed a few weeks ago and they deleted the site. Don't want to go through all the fuss again with it so I'll stick to my other sites.

I'll be back to see more of this one soon.


13-Jun-02 R.K.Robinson Jr. Augusta, Ga. USA

Great looking site. And the reading is very good. Enjoyed my visit and the best of luck to you in your endeavors~~~PEN-DRAGON

06-Jun-02 lavenderwater
28-May-02 Wendy Waitakeres

Hi John

Great music - quite different - not the sort of music I thought you would put on!!

27-May-02 Irena Tasmania



27-May-02 Dianna Wellington


I continue to be impressed.......Many, many thanks for sharing these words and snippets of your soul with me. They are indeed treasures, and I am humbled and grateful. Don't stop!

27-May-02 Sonny Jim Penrith

Sorry young fella i pushed the wrong button.
I'm not into poetry at all but i'm impressed at your site,Like Sarah perhaps a family poem would be in order,

Love Your son Andrew

24-May-02 gloria jean housetruck by the se

I met him on the internet

his words did sweep me away

and now as read them again

i know not what to say.


my Lordship,i remain,your ever so 'umble whore,

on paper,

to this day.

24-May-02 Jane near the beach*

Well Dad,

you are certainly a multi-talented man..

I am truely inspired. I'll enjoyed reading some more im sure.. The site set up is exellent, loving the  pic's and graphics. not to metion the handsome lad on the front!! wot of the one you wroted when Grace was born? Jane :>)

23-May-02 Princess... Brisbane

Hey Dad,

Me again, Now I have looked around I shall comment.I think you need link buttons back to home page...that is my only criticism. Your poems, of course, are magical....you need to write one about me :0(   Love the picture...why not put in the drag one.....HAHA

Your lovely daughter, Sarah

23-May-02 Princess Brissy

Hey There My Favorite Daddio,

I must admit I have not yet had a good look around in here so after I do I will write another entry. You know how much I adore your poetry anyway, I still think a book needs to be written.

So, now I shall peruse the site......Love you lots,


22-May-02 Elaine Far north

Thank you John, for sending me your site, I have really enjoyed reading all your work. Hope Inkerman had some help in you writing them.